Rode NT-USB Mini - 2 years later

Rode NT-USB Mini - 2 years later

Since originally reviewing Rode's NT-USB Mini almost 2 years ago I have used it in countless projects. The quality of recordings are deftly matched by the diminutive size, weight, and wonderful aesthetics. If you're looking for a compact, stationary, USB mic that can also be easily transported and moved around, I could not recommend the Rode NT-USB Mini enough.

Variety of Uses

When I say variety, I mean it. This has been my go to audio recording device for presentations, Youtube, OBS, electronic music vocal recordings via Ableton Live, modular synth sample packs, and beyond.

Sturdy, Pleasant Aesthetics

I specifically looked at the NT-USB Mini over its beefier sibling not just for its (trans)portability, but also because of its wonderful aesthetics. Not only does it look great on my desk, it takes up minimal space. I have yet to find a mic from a reputable company that looks this good. You do not want to know how much time I've spent looking.


Honestly, there are no complaints. It looks and functions the same 2 years on as day 1. I've had no degradation in quality. It stays clean. There have been no driver issues, ever. It's rock solid.

This Is The One

If you're looking for a great USB mic that sounds as good as it looks, don't faff around, get the Rode NT-USB Mini.