Bogdan Raczynski

Piet Frieteneus

Crumb Piet Frieteneus
was a scornful little shit.

Spoiled as a tot
he was doomed to rot.

Try as he might
to fit in and matter,
his delivery was off
and the timing all scattered.

And so he gave up
one day so upset,

determined to ruin
the next batch of Kroket.

Artwork by

Superintelligent AI Could Wipe Out Humanity

Superintelligent AI Could Wipe Out Humanity


Not A Hero

What's with all of these incredible looking pixelated games these days? Bring it on!

Chroma Squad

Chroma Squad is a

tactical turn-based manager game, with sentai heroes and old-school pixel art!
In this game you become responsible for managing and recording episodes for a sentai TV studio. Hire actors, craft equipment from carboard and duct tape, record episodes and explode everything up!

I'm not hugely into strategy games, although I did enjoy the metal gear strategy game on PSP many years back. Now I seem to be more into looking at and finding cool-looking games, of

The Hero Trap

Here's a great-looking, modern Gauntlet dungeon crawler. Both the Kickstarter and Steam campaigns were a success. Looks fun!

Bottle light

Interesting article about a practical and potentially life-changing use for plastic bottles.

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Pangea Redrawn With Today's Political Boundaries

Pangea Redrawn With Today's Political Boundaries

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I love languages like I love recipes, music, sounds, cultures, etc. Programming is no different in many ways, and when I see a particularly clever piece of programming, whether a library or snippet or whatnot, I get easily excited. This is a cool little tool that optimizes an array of strings into the slimmest regular expression. Very smart.

Histomap from 1931

Four thousand years of world history. Relative power of contemporary states, nations and empires. Thank you John B. Sparks


An Intimate Look at Life in a Harsh Russian Gulag

It's always interesting to think of things and places and people that are happening around the world that normally get next to no coverage or awareness.

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Super Mario London Tube 3 Map

You've all no doubt already seen this map of most of the London tube using sprites from Super Mario 3, but it's damn good and deserves inclusion. I've been finding myself to be drawn to various kinds of hand-made maps over the last few years. Not the old school, pirate treasure kind, but some of those are quite cool too when they feature recognizable locations and for a second you can ti

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Prince of Persia Code Review

I recently found this code review of the classic Prince of Persia game for the Apple II. Although my understanding of assembly is next to nil, I do find it fascinating that there are those who can comprehend and think at such a low level of programming. It reminds me of the time I coerced my mom into buying me an ASM book when I was a teen. I had galaxy-sized ambitions for being one with the computer by caressing it into submiss

Jonny Dillon

Since we met during a show many moons back in Ireland, I've been privy to regular emails from Jonny Dillon containing his latest creations. Some of you may know Jonny from his work as Automatic Tasty. His "This Site Is No Longer In Operation. Thank You." track was a perfect fit at the end of my mix #2 and I count myself lucky to get the odd email with track and tale in tow.

I was just about to reach out to everyone and ask f

Photos of Isolated, Stark Lithuanian Village Disco

I struggle to come up with some description for why these photos by Andrew Miksys strike a chord with me. Like my thoughts on the concept of art critique I content that it doesn't matter. They're nice photos on various levels and will ultimately mean something different to everyone, or nothing at all.


Sublime Text - Fuck yeah!

I like a variety of design and illustration styles - whether pixels or vector, new school or nostalgic Eastern-European style illustration from the Communist days. But I'm always particularly drawn to software and great interfaces. I've found the Monokai theme in Sublime Text to be particularly handsome. Today I learned how to map files/directories. The resulting ease and convenience is slightly blowing my mind. I love the shit out of this IDE and its gor


Pixels + puzzle + RPG elements. What more could you want?


Relaxing game - Knytt Stories

If you liked Cave Story you might be interested in Knytt Stories. While they're not at all related, they do evoke similar nostalgic vibes and moods.

While Cave Story was more of a 2D action/adventure, Knytt Stories is a cute and moody adventure game. I dare say it's quite an artistic game. It comes with a level editor so you can load up different stories.

I really like


Ahoy ye scallywags! Is that a Nucleus trailer I see on the horizon!?

About time, can't wait for this to pop out on the PSN.

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Cave Story - nostalgic 2D adventure game for PC

I've found some neat indie gaming sites lately and have found quite a nice little world of independently developed and released PC games. It's nice to see people putting in the time and effort to make games just for the fun of it, which is a far cry from the monstrous console gaming industry.

Obviously the nicest thing is that these games are made (presumably) to please the author. So you end up with a lot of 2D titles, many of which have really beautiful pixel art and pretty chippy game musi

World: 2, Baltimore: 12

Oh you sneaky bugger you. You with your jumpstyle ways and c-walk craze, though you had it covered. Then comes in user delux925 to point out the Bmore style that totally owns the innovation not only with dance moves but also musical freshness. Observe and take notes:

This man is a one unit raveolution, taking over your dorm hallway. Don't even bother, no amount of preparation can help. Hand in y